From the sales of Cecilia Pinotage we are currently sponsoring weekly music appreciation classes at the local Kapel Primary School as well as a piano at Spruitdrift Primary.

After a tasting of Cecilia Pinotage a board member of Friends of Orchestral Music in Cape Town arranged a further sponsorship which now funds similar music classes at Spruitdrift Primary School a couple of kilometres down the road from Kapel.

Most people are aware of the benefits of music for us as humans, but there is also a lot of evidence and research available on the advantages of music for children with learning difficulties. My hope is that we will be able to provide music stimulation in several forms to more children eventually.

And, if I could dream big again, I would dream of a concert where some of the currently untapped talent can make a debut on another memorable evening…


The following people and businesses have been very supportive along the way: