Cecilia Non Profit

Cecilia NPO

Wine is about the stories behind the grapes, the land and the people, making it an effective vehicle with which to champion a cause, as is done increasingly in the wine industry. There are wines supporting a variety of causes, from people to wild dogs and many more.

Cecilia and Wind band’s cause is to provide music exposure to children who do not have the opportunity to experience the benefits of music. Since Cecilia Wines’ inception, small projects were supported. However, recently a non-profit company, Cecilia Foundation, was established and a music teacher appointed for the Citrusdal community from 2021.

Amongst others, the teacher will spend time weekly at Paardekop Primary School on the Paleisheuwel road, Citrusdal Primary School in town and four after-school centres in the area.

The primary focus will be on general music exposure to a wide audience, as well as the tuition of individual instruments as the opportunity presents itself. In the near future the aim is to explore the benefits of music therapy to mitigate some of the negative effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.